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I have an Acer Aspire One, and I love the darn thing. So the other day, when I got it onto the train for some ‘traveltainment’, you can imagine my horror/shock/anger/frustration/heart sinking feeling when I turned it on and I was not greeted by the usual white ‘Acer’ logo and the green grub boot menu of my oh so wonderful Linux Mint distro!

The power came on, hard drive was whirring and purring as it normally does, but nothing on the screen. No signs of breaking on the screen (I’ve broken laptop screens before) so I was completely clueless as to what happened. I then though “Well it might be a BIOS problem…but what can I do with no screen?” and I left it there until last night when I searched the issue on the old Google-intranet-machine (thank you Will Ferrel) and found a post that looked fishy, yet very interesting…

So without anymore waffle, here’s what you do to fix the Black Screen of Death problem on an Acer Aspire One!

Here’s what you need:

  1. USB Memory stick (as low as 128mb)
  2. Another PC with a net connection
  3. WinZip, WinRAR, or some other program that can extract zip files.
  4. A quick visit towww.acer.com
  5. Your Acer Aspire One, that will power up/turn on, but the screen does not come on.

And here’s what you do:

  1. Go to http://www.acer.com and go through the DRIVER support pages until you get the Aspire One driver page for your relevant Aspire One model (110/150/751)
  2. Click on the tab on the download area that reads ‘BIO’ even if it looks like you can’t click on it (their site design grays it out but it’s there) and download the BIOS file numbered 3310 (it might have changed version recently but do it) and don’t worry, you can trust this file, as it’s from Acer directly.
  3. Extract the zip once downloaded and find in the DOS folder the files ‘flashit.exe’ and 3310.fd
  4. When you’s ve found them, rename 3310.fd to ZG5IA32.fd and put this renamed file and ‘flashit.exe’ onto the USB memory stick
  5. Put the USB in the Aspire One and hold the keys ‘FN’ (function) and ‘Esc’ (escape) and keep them held when you turn the laptop on
  6. Watch the power button and when it starts flashing, press it once (DO NOT DO ANYTHING ELSE)
  7. You should notice the USB (if it has a light) blinking as well… The netbook has started ‘flashing’ the BIOS and after about 7 minutes, the netbook should shutdown and reboot itself and VOILA! The screen should turn on just fine.

It took my three times but this IS the proper solution! I am now very happy with my Aspire One that still works!