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Well I’m married now! Back off the honeymoon and well into the working week back in the office.

The Wedding was fantastic, we had a really chilled day and people kept saying it was the most easy going relaxed wedding they’d ever been too and that is exactly what K and I hoped for. The Mashup Party mix I did went down a storm, the Hungarians went mental when the Republic and Edda songs came on (You’re welcome,by the way) to the delight of the English crowd, who to their credit joined in even though they didn’t have a clue what they were singing!

Budapest was cold and lovely, with the regular exception of the check-out staff, they just never seem happy and it’s always a bit unwelcoming when you get an unfriendly check-out girl.

Eger was even colder but the welcome was considerably warmer as you might imagine from countryside folk. We went wine tasting at the Siké Tamas wine cellar which was superb and we even had a private tour of the Eger castle when we finally got up there, and in English too!

Now we are back in the UK and things are turning in a more administrative direction, sorting out bills and furniture and what-not, but it’s still an adventure, or at least that’s how I’m looking at it. The main thing is that I’m with my wife and every seems easier that way.