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I have an Acer Aspire One, and I love the darn thing. So the other day, when I got it onto the train for some ‘traveltainment’, you can imagine my horror/shock/anger/frustration/heart sinking feeling when I turned it on and I was not greeted by the usual white ‘Acer’ logo and the green grub boot menu of my oh so wonderful Linux Mint distro!

The power came on, hard drive was whirring and purring as it normally does, but nothing on the screen. No signs of breaking on the screen (I’ve broken laptop screens before) so I was completely clueless as to what happened. I then though “Well it might be a BIOS problem…but what can I do with no screen?” and I left it there until last night when I searched the issue on the old Google-intranet-machine (thank you Will Ferrel) and found a post that looked fishy, yet very interesting…

So without anymore waffle, here’s what you do to fix the Black Screen of Death problem on an Acer Aspire One!

Here’s what you need:

  1. USB Memory stick (as low as 128mb)
  2. Another PC with a net connection
  3. WinZip, WinRAR, or some other program that can extract zip files.
  4. A quick visit towww.acer.com
  5. Your Acer Aspire One, that will power up/turn on, but the screen does not come on.

And here’s what you do:

  1. Go to http://www.acer.com and go through the DRIVER support pages until you get the Aspire One driver page for your relevant Aspire One model (110/150/751)
  2. Click on the tab on the download area that reads ‘BIO’ even if it looks like you can’t click on it (their site design grays it out but it’s there) and download the BIOS file numbered 3310 (it might have changed version recently but do it) and don’t worry, you can trust this file, as it’s from Acer directly.
  3. Extract the zip once downloaded and find in the DOS folder the files ‘flashit.exe’ and 3310.fd
  4. When you’s ve found them, rename 3310.fd to ZG5IA32.fd and put this renamed file and ‘flashit.exe’ onto the USB memory stick
  5. Put the USB in the Aspire One and hold the keys ‘FN’ (function) and ‘Esc’ (escape) and keep them held when you turn the laptop on
  6. Watch the power button and when it starts flashing, press it once (DO NOT DO ANYTHING ELSE)
  7. You should notice the USB (if it has a light) blinking as well… The netbook has started ‘flashing’ the BIOS and after about 7 minutes, the netbook should shutdown and reboot itself and VOILA! The screen should turn on just fine.

It took my three times but this IS the proper solution! I am now very happy with my Aspire One that still works!



…Helena is the codename name of the latest Linux Mint edition which, as yet, is not out yet. this is because it is released a couple of weeks after its corresponding version of the foundation distro ‘Ubuntu’ is made available. This I presume is for the sake of courtesy and also keeping an eye on bugs perhaps.

I’m eager to see the way this ‘Karmic Koala’ based Mint will handle, because Linux Mint was the perfect distro for me and my Acer Apire One. Everything except the Wireless LED light worked out of the box for my netbook and that was what I was after. Now that I had a linux distro that worked, I could spend as much time getting used to terminal commands and all the other jargon that comes with Linux.

I’ve read that MintInstall will now have an uninstall feature -which will help users who aren’t too sure about synaptic- which I remember wondering about (as in, why wasn’t it there in Mint 7?). So as Ubuntu Karmic Koala is out, it’s only a matter of days til Lint Mint 8 is upon us, stay tuned for my review!

#SGU: Defence

I find it really annoying that so many people have verbally attacked and bad-mouthed the cast and crew of Stargate Universe over the content of the show to date.

We have seen 2 sex scenes so far, in 6 episodes which I’m sure is less than other shows on TV at the moment in the US or the UK. We all know the stories of the cancellations and the rushed finales of SG1 & SGA, but now we have aStargate offering with a fresh outlook and a different setting, any parallels between previous Sci-Fi ventures need to made very carefully because this isn’t Star Trek Voyager, it is too gritty and too human-centric for that, it is not a rehash of Battlestar Galactica because they are NOT in control of the spaceship they are on and there exists a rich history of technology and mythology that has become the foundation of Stargate Universe and what we have is the Stargate Universe in it’s literal RAW state. Technology older than seen before, situations more dire and needs more immediate than presented before.

This is a volume of Stargate wherein the story is told by characters through dialog and expression, rather than explosions and brute force or deciding the fate of millions at the toss of a coin or whimsical fancy. Stargate Universe is about survival, it is about turning the tables on the whole Military Superiority Complex and suggesting that brains over braun is needed if they’re ever going to get home.


Trolls will always be trolls, and that is why the fans of the show must be LOUDER and more prominent than the nay-sayers and inconsiderate few who would ruin it for the rest of us…But, we can’t have THAT now CAN we?


…I remember walking into the cinema with my dad about a minute or so after the film had actually started and seeing the locals pulling the stargate out of the ground. I sat, I watched, I became a fan.

The mythological idea behind the Stargate movie was amazing for me and I think I was 13 at the time. Pyramids as landing sites? Egyptian gods really aliens? Wormhole travel though a funky looking orifice? (Sure, they called it that, once, in the series) I was hooked from the beginning and longed for the day someone announced a sequel or a series or something!

When they finally announced the series, I must have been doing something else because I was late on the scene. But once I got into it I was again, hooked. Don’t get me wrong, it took me a while to get used to MacGuyver (I used to watch too) playing O’Neil but it happened and I settled down to continue the saga, for 10 years! When I moved away from home I missed a lot of Atlantis but I also caught up thanks to daily repeats on cable TV.

For me, it was the wide-eyed wonder of Daniel Jackson that took me along for the ride-along through the gate and his pleading for a diplomatic solution before just shooting everyone that kept me into the show beyond the new cultures they’d encounter. I love how they wove the old gods together and through the show linking technology and history to the Ancients.

Admittedly, there were perhaps too many ‘alternate timlines’ or ‘parallell universe’ episodes for comfort but on the same token they did each have their own unique eye-twinkles. It is a show that has managed to be a franchise surviving various setbacks or threats to its longevity but here it is, still, in it’s third series, Stargate Universe.

I’m enjoying it alot. I think like a lot of people “Light” is my favourite episode. Something else I like is the way the civillian vs military struggle is going, because unlike SG1 and Atlantis, I think the sturggle is more about the military being out of their depth this time because it takes alot of knowledge of Ancients to get through these challenges and so the soldiers and colonel Young seem to hanging on to their powerbase out of tradition rather than qualification. It will be interesting tracking that theory; can’t wait for the next show!