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Monthly Archives: November 2009


You know the self scan tills in TESCO? Turns out the trick is, not to put your stuff in the bag until you pay. Just put your shopping on the metal plate/scale thing and bam, no errors, I had a completely hassle-free check out this morning!

…In your FACE, weight based technology, I shall always be smarter than you!



…Helena is the codename name of the latest Linux Mint edition which, as yet, is not out yet. this is because it is released a couple of weeks after its corresponding version of the foundation distro ‘Ubuntu’ is made available. This I presume is for the sake of courtesy and also keeping an eye on bugs perhaps.

I’m eager to see the way this ‘Karmic Koala’ based Mint will handle, because Linux Mint was the perfect distro for me and my Acer Apire One. Everything except the Wireless LED light worked out of the box for my netbook and that was what I was after. Now that I had a linux distro that worked, I could spend as much time getting used to terminal commands and all the other jargon that comes with Linux.

I’ve read that MintInstall will now have an uninstall feature -which will help users who aren’t too sure about synaptic- which I remember wondering about (as in, why wasn’t it there in Mint 7?). So as Ubuntu Karmic Koala is out, it’s only a matter of days til Lint Mint 8 is upon us, stay tuned for my review!


Well today, I have one of those rare days at home with the folks without my Lady (sad face) that has actually been planned for me to put the music mixes together for the Wedding Reception. So I’ve got my software up and my track listing done so now I just need to get going on the mixing, splicing, and hopefully humorous DJ inserts for the legitimacy feel, wish me luck!

#SGU: Defence

I find it really annoying that so many people have verbally attacked and bad-mouthed the cast and crew of Stargate Universe over the content of the show to date.

We have seen 2 sex scenes so far, in 6 episodes which I’m sure is less than other shows on TV at the moment in the US or the UK. We all know the stories of the cancellations and the rushed finales of SG1 & SGA, but now we have aStargate offering with a fresh outlook and a different setting, any parallels between previous Sci-Fi ventures need to made very carefully because this isn’t Star Trek Voyager, it is too gritty and too human-centric for that, it is not a rehash of Battlestar Galactica because they are NOT in control of the spaceship they are on and there exists a rich history of technology and mythology that has become the foundation of Stargate Universe and what we have is the Stargate Universe in it’s literal RAW state. Technology older than seen before, situations more dire and needs more immediate than presented before.

This is a volume of Stargate wherein the story is told by characters through dialog and expression, rather than explosions and brute force or deciding the fate of millions at the toss of a coin or whimsical fancy. Stargate Universe is about survival, it is about turning the tables on the whole Military Superiority Complex and suggesting that brains over braun is needed if they’re ever going to get home.


Trolls will always be trolls, and that is why the fans of the show must be LOUDER and more prominent than the nay-sayers and inconsiderate few who would ruin it for the rest of us…But, we can’t have THAT now CAN we?