I am Loddy…

…Just another white boy with a blog about geeking out and living life.


…With only 38 days left to go, that is how things have become rather quickly during the lead up to our wedding. Quite a few admin based housekeeping things I need to do before the big day and the honeymoon. I won’t lie to you, there are things I could have done sooner, but when you’re in the thick of a situation like this, with let’s face it, as much uncertainty as we have (in regard to both housing and enployment) are facing, well the stress does tend to sneak in the back door and floor you.

But things are happening, maybe the slow pace they’re happening to teach us to be patient, and if so, I am in class, ready to learn but sure it will be unsettling until I see the result of the equation. In addition to my own conclusions, the good old book would have me endowed with a good deal more discipline to prioritise these last few tasks. So what I think I’ll do is create a slight accountablility and list what I need to do.

  1. Travel related tasks
    • One for me
    • One for her
  2. Career related tasks
    • Negotiate out hours & fees
    • Create training programme and define methods
  3. Accommodation related tasks
    • Arrange viewings
    • Find a suitable house/apartment and move in
  4. Have fun getting married and going on holiday

So, I shall strikethrough the tasks I’ve done in edits as and when.

Accompanying song for this post:
“Big Time Dare” by Bobby Martini (it’s a mashup of Gorillaz vs Peter Gabriel)


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