I am Loddy…

…Just another white boy with a blog about geeking out and living life.


…I am about to be a married man. To be more precise, in 39 days. It has been an very character building year considering that about a month after my lady and I got engaged, the recession hit and things started looking pretty bad for people foolish enough to fall in love and commit to each other but we did it anyway and we not shifted the agreed date once.

We have given ourselves one year from the engagement date (4/12/2008), and all our planning has been done, and has to be done prior to the 4th of December this year, because the next day, we’ll be saying “I do” among other things like “What the heck are we going to do with 12 bread makers!?”

But what I have realised lately is how much growing up it has made us both tackle, both emotionally and mentally, dealing with each other and dealing with our past experiences and confronting the challenges ahead. For instance, right now, we don’t have feesible permanent jobs or a place to live, which is a little stressful as you might imagine. The stress shows up sometimes in conversation, and lately it’s shown up physically, but we will not give in to it because we know we are meant to be together and there is no point in delaying that from happening.

During my engagement, I have had people say things to me like “You’re mad, I thought you had more sense than that!” or “You know there’s no financial incentive to get married don’t you?” and to be honest, that’s very sad. My lady and I have waited -she more patiently than I- a long time for the right person and for a while I gave up that search but now we have met each other, we cannot wait anymore than these last 39 days that’s for sure.

Love is…
…and will be.

Accompanying song for this post:
“Are you in?” by Incubus


2 responses to “Engagement…

  1. manangkepweng October 29, 2009 at 11:46 am

    Congratulations Loddy! You sound very happy and very sure — two very important factors when you’re committing to marriage. I wish you and your bride 13 bread makers and a wonderful home to raise your lovely family. 🙂

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